Best Method to Approach English


Do you like the traditional way of doing something hard? No wonder, most people may think tradition is something that always binds your hands and feet while working. But if you think it is best to adopt the fashionable way to handle the difficult matter in your life like learning English? I guess it is accepted by so many people, especially youngsters. But it is not perfect to tell the truth. So I think it is best to use the two ways combined to study English. How?

In the beginning you need to get some elementary English book which tells you pronunciation, simple words, and easy expressions. You should learn English letters, trying to pronounce every one of them correct. So you had better get an English teacher to instruct you, or use some language learning software to help you stride over the first threshold. Certainly it is very necessary for you to write the twenty six letters correctly.

Then as I have experienced myself, you should remember a few English words everyday. You don’t need to obtain so many English words at one time in case you may forget them very soon. But the frequency is a must. Learning words everyday is good for you to get more and more familiar with the language and can give you other strategies to memorize English words better.

The two ways above appear very common and traditional, while the one below may give you fresh air if you are a fashion pursuer.

Learning English needs your listening. You may try to pick up some radio to listen to, but it is better to download audio information online. So far such language learning websites are enormously many, you can download them as easily as you can. However, I suggest you download some English podcasts which can tell you a lot about English itself as well as English tradition and culture. Once you get them, try to listen as carefully as you can. Certainly you can imitate them as well.


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