Proper Methods to Learn English


English has now been globalized and learning it has become an international phenomenon. Definitely some people have made impressive progress in their ways of learning, while others are trying to search for their proper ways to learn it. So let’s say something about English learning.

If you are just an English beginner, try to learn English alphabet first. Learning English alphabet will lay a foundation for your English further learning. When you learn English vocabulary, you could not understand the meaning of one certain word if you could not recognize the letters in its phonetic symbol. So learn it first. Certainly you need to learn the phonetic symbol in English as well so that you can pronounce English words yourself.

If you are not a new horn any more, you can try to learn English by reading. In the beginning you should not read the original English books, for they are too difficult for you to understand properly. If you did, you would get disheartened probably. You may think English is too hard for you to approach. In this way you had better read the adapted versions which appear easier to understand. When you have read enough such books, you can gradually try to read the original versions. But if you cannot understand at this time, don’t get your self blamed! Just go on learning. You need to ask yourself, “If I have amassed enough English vocabulary? Or if I need to train my English grammar?” If you think in this way, you will get benefits.

Certainly I need to stress English speaking as well. Speaking plays a very crucial role in your course of English learning. I just think the more you practise your English speaking, the better you will understand this language. But first, open your mouth to speak.

Certainly you can choose to use software to learn as well if you think it is suitable to you.


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