The Importance of Giving as a Professional


I’d grown up thinking most people had to sit at a desk and be a lawyer, or a secretary, or a vet, but when my mom sent me a copy of this during college, a whole new world opened up for me! The book has some truly unique career path options and it also does wonders at opening up one’s mind to new and creative fields. I find it particularly helpful, because it includes ‘a day in the life’ section for each job, pros and cons, as well as practical steps for how to start your career in each field.

Using personal anecdotes as well as the results of a 23,000-participant study, this book details the keys to expanding leadership skills, improving employee satisfaction and job performance, and securing customer loyalty through ‘daily choices.’ These choices empower employees to reach their full potential, create excellence in customer service, and thereby enable organizations to achieve profitable results. I was given this book by a colleague when our organization was undergoing a massive reorganization and it provided me with key insights as I managed the teams through the change. Excellence is a mindset. Your thoughts matter. Make a daily commitment to take purposeful and meaningful actions to reach your goals. You truly can achieve what you believe!

This is a book has made a huge impact on my career in terms of thinking creatively about business opportunities and how to help others in the process. It will open your mind up to new revenue streams, deal structures, and product offerings you never would’ve considered.

I’m always advising my clients to create opportunities for themselves and go after what they really want—and often the only way to do that is through the people you know and who know you, or the ones you reach out to that should. Especially in our overstretched, and often unfocused, world of digital communication (and human to human interaction phobia I see among many job seekers), this book is filled with inspiring anecdotes, helpful insights and practical strategies to get you in the mindset and habit of constantly forming and developing connections that will serve you throughout your career.

This book focuses on the importance of giving as a professional—and how adding value to the others’ careers can ultimately help you to be successful yourself. I love and recommend this book because it changes the way you see personal and professional relationships and reminds you that human beings, more than processes, drive success.


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