Tips On How To Write In Native English


If you have Googled a thousand times already about tips on how to write English articles flawlessly, then perhaps you have noticed that reading always comes first on those tips, or is at least a part of it. Indeed it is a great help towards learning English, in fact it’s more effective if you would read aloud and listen to yourself. This way you’ll be able to identify more differences between your writing and the writing of native Americans.


These perhaps are the greatest source of up-to-date and interesting news in a target language. With the wide variety of articles and columns surely you’ll find one that would catch your attention. Newspapers also contain tons of idiomatic or colloquial language that plays a great role in native English writings. However if there are no English newspapers in your place you may also seek help from Google since newspapers also have great contents online.

Novels and Pocket Books

If you’re such a bookworm and you love reading novels and pocketbooks then you’re on the right path. Try reading a pocketbook and afterwards write an English review about what you’ve read. You may also opt for English novels and do the same process. Write a review or description of every chapter this time which you’ve finished reading. Do this a couple of times and you’ll notice that your English writing skills are improving. With this you’ll also be guided on what and where should you improve – should it be on the use of punctuations, making simple and short sentences or grammatical errors.

Online Articles

This is specially for the computer savvy ones. Consider online reading as an everyday side task. Read online articles and blog posts made by native Americans while waiting for a buffering video or audio file, or perhaps while checking your Facebook. You don’t have to focus only on the reading, you may also incorporate it with other tasks you have. The main idea here is to absorb what you have read, and make as many observations as possible.

Consult the Dictionary

Now don’t be discouraged, I’m not only referring to a hardbound thick and heavy dictionary, online resources are also included in this. We cannot deny that dictionary and even thesaurus can help a lot. However there are some people who prefer asking someone else rather than going directly to an online dictionary. This attitude may have negative effects since you might absorb wrong information. It would be safe to consult the dictionary right away to assure that you’re getting purely correct word meanings.

However if you don’t have a dictionary with you and your mobile phone has no internet connection, you still have the option to list down all the words you’re a bit confused about. Then make it an every night habit that you won’t go to bed until you have fully understood the meaning of the words in your list.

Seek Advices

No matter how much effort you exert on reading but if you don’t know how to listen and accept the opinion of others then you’re still way too far from being a good native English writer. The grasp of the language is definitely helpful, and the reading habit will guide you in terms of improvement, but knowing what others can say is also important.

Online Forums

Try checking some online forums that focus on English language. Socialize with other people, exchange experiences, problems and even answer each other’s questions. This way you’re not only giving yourself an exclusive English teacher, but you ‘re also giving out ideas and advices to anyone experiencing a writing dilemma worse than yours. You can even find writing experts on such forums where your most difficult, complex and confusing questions will be answered. Worry not, it’s just typical for someone struggling with writing to formulate such complex questions.

Email Friends

Perhaps you never thought of this, I also bumped into this at a very late stage. I never thought that writing articles and emailing them to friends could contribute such a great help towards having better writing skills, but it did! And now I can give out this surefire advice to you as well.

Try to write an article each week and email them to your friends. Ask them to write feedback and comments about your writing. You can also email native Americans, say for example an online buddy of yours. This way you’ll be able to determine your strongest and weakest point in writing based on the comments you received.

Create A Blog

Although forums and emails give you a faster flow of comments and responses, creating a blog will give you the chance to be acquainted with more native Americans. Fill your blog with your original articles and follow other blogs owned Americans. Through this you guys can start exchanging comments and you may ask further for some advice. Try to follow those blogs that focus on your interests rather than following for the sake of getting advices. With this you will be more understood if you will talk to someone whom you have the same interest with.


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